Sunday, June 28, 2015

FO: Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen in Denim

Hello again!
Another day, another finished sewing project - hooray for holidays at home!
I swooped upon this skirt pattern the day it was released.
I had been looking out for a midi-length style that didn't scream "frumpy middle-aged woman stuck in a time-warp" and hopefully this is it.
Though I must admit that the thick black tights and brogues might be a little bit Maria Von Trapp with this hemline.
I reckon I need a pair of funky clogs ;)

One of the best things about this pattern is the humongous pocketty goodness.

They are deep enough to hold a bottle or two of wine, or a couple of kittens, if you prefer!

Definitely Roo-pockets...  for those of us with marsupial tendencies :)

The other great thing about this skirt is the shaped waistband.

Unlike the band on the Kelly Skirt, this one delivers a high fitted shape while allowing you to breathe.

And the gathers fall low enough to flatter.
In this fine lightweight denim, I do not feel they give the wearer a balloon at the tummy or hips.
I would hesitate to make it in a heavier fabric though.

And don't forget the exposed zip feature :)
I do enjoy a good set of metal teeth!
The instructions for this one were really clear and helpful.


Pattern:  The Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen.  I bought the paper pattern from Backstitch in the UK, but it is also available as a downloadable pdf.  I made size Small and it came out a perfect fit, straight from the packet - hooray!

Fabric:  2.5 metres of 5oz dress-weight denim from Merchant and Mills.  It is only £6.75 per metre, and also comes in black.  I was initially a bit dubious about the quality of this fabric, as it felt very crisp and dry, even after a pre-wash.  However, it softened up a lot as I worked with it, and it irons really well.  It is definitely a good choice for this pattern, as it takes the gathers and holds them nicely.


I am pretty sure this is going to be a wardrobe staple, taking the place of my much-loved dark denim Kelly Skirt, which feels a bit too short and tight around the middle these days.

I am wearing it here with my Portfolio top and it feels like a good match.  The skirt pockets remind me a lot of the ones in my Portfolio dress, but even bigger - woo hoo!  I wore the dress yesterday - it is still going strong and makes me happy after 4 years.  I hope this skirt will have the same sort of longevity!

Will I make it again?
I have a terrible longing to use my stashed Little Red Riding Hood-print fabric.. and maybe even adapt it into a dress by adding a bodice?
Eek!  Novelty prints strike again!


LLBB said...

Nice! Love it w that top, and necklace, too.

Janene Spencer said...

Great skirt. It hangs beautifully and is just the right length. The fact that it stores wine too, is totally an added bonus!

RooKnits said...

Oh I love this! Fabulous skirt

poppyinstitches said...

great skirt and brilliant pockets!

karen ball said...

That is totally you, Roo. Can't argue with a skirt that can house a bottle of wine.

Kathryn said...

This looks great! I love the shaped waistband & the pockets on this skirt - and the fact it fits a bottle of wine, bonus!

Melissa said...

Nice skirt and the bonus is you can fit that wine bottle in one pocket (wineglass in the other?)! I am waiting for my paper pattern to arrive so that I can try and see if I can look as cool as you!

Funkbunny said...

Fab skirt! I was a tester for this pattern and the pockets were a little shallow in that version. It's great that they now have wine-holding capacity!! The colour and drape of this fabric is really lovely.

Scruffybadger said...

Fabulous ! I'm just like everyone else- impressed with the potential for wine carrying. But it does look so ..... Cool. It's lovely and I can see why it'll be a steady wear.

thesewingmiserablist said...

Long term lurker here, deciding to come out to say I love the skirt and the whole outfit too. The skirt is VERY practical, as you pointed out. And a perfect fabric match. I'm very tempted to get the pattern now I've sent on you. Thanks.

sylkotwist said...

Super skirt Roo! Clogs would be perfect, so drink that wine and place an order!

Kestrel said...

I really love the skirt and that denim sounds like a great bargain. I have a few midi length skirts and my personal rule is not to wear them with shoes that are too flat as then I feel frumpy, something with a bit of a heel I find works best. Or flat sandals are fine, as they show more of your foot so that seems to balance out the length

Lynne said...

Brilliant! I love the big pockets and the exposed zip.

Linda said...

Lovely! Great choice of fabric:)

jessica said...

OMG, I am mad crushing on this skirt right now. The midi length (swoon), the fabric, the styling, it's all perfect.

I say go for the novelty fabric dress!! You've had a string of "cake"-like makes, why not spring for some frosting that makes your heart sing? :-). No better antidote to the sewing blues. And it might become a staple in its own right, think of your Nani Iro big dot dress that you seem to wear and love. Do it, do it!! :-D.

liza jane said...

Yes! Wine pockets! I recently made a midi length skirt but I'm not sold on it. I reckon it needs a waistband like this. This looks like the perfect denim skirt.