Wednesday, February 21, 2007


One shows off the ribbon but my daughter's foot is smaller than mine so the heel looks a bit odd! the other has less ribbon but better foot!

One stocking down!

What a beautiful few days I had on Skye! There was sunshine, there was a hailstorm. There were climbs into wild landscapes and cosy evenings by the log fire knitting stockings.

And I finished the first Cinderella stocking!

So it can be done! All the trauma was worth it. The pattern now “works”, and is a rewarding knit, I think. Lots of variety to keep a knitter’s interest, over what could have been a long long over the knee knit. Lace, two-colour knitting, three stitch patterns, and all the usual socky architecture.

It took me a long time to get used to the back seam pattern and I have cropped my photo of the back to avoid showing you where - ahem! – I got it wrong! It is only a two-row repeat, but heaven help you (me) if you drop a stitch. I worked out how to pick it up, but it was a fiddle.

The other technical hitch I ran into was the undersole design – I completely forgot that although I was working in the round, the contrast yarn would not be going all the way round with me (duh!), so I devised a system of weaving it back to the right-hand end of the dpn with a darning needle. The same effect could be achieved by doing duplicate stitch embroidery, but I prefer to knit.

The completed pattern is with Robynn for tech editing. Bryony kindly looked over the heel shaping to ensure it made sense – thank you!

Robynn suggested using the Knitty template to write up the pattern. I tentatively graded it as “piquant”, but it might be verging on “extra-spicy”…? I have lost all sense of perspective on its difficulty level, having been immersed in the design since October and knitting and ripping for a month!

Next project? Well obviously I need to knit the second stocking, and I am really looking forward to it, just knitting and knowing that all I have to do is follow my instructions! But I think I will have a little break to finish the little Cindy socks I started while waiting for the yarn for Cinderella. Although I am a bit dissatisfied with them – I think the herringbone weave pattern is too “close” for a sock. I might rip them back and go for the Ripple Weave pattern (Vogue Knitting Fall 06) as originally planned for this yarn.

I am also having a destash via Ebay from this weekend onwards. Time to chuck out the chintz (or in my case, the factory-produced self-striping sock yarns which I really don’t like) and use the proceeds to buy things I really DO like – like more STR and Piece of Beauty! And I am going to be selling some hand-made stitch markers too, if you are interested! The fiery red chillies are my favourites, for extra-spicy knitting! More on this later in the week...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cinderella in pictures

At last!
Progress to show in the Cinderella stockings. The top two pictures are modelled by my slender ten year old daughter - so please make several inches' worth of allowance for an adult leg. I couldn't be model and photographer - though I did try!
The lower two pictures show my "cross section" design method in action, and a close up of the herringbone lace on my chubby leg!
I wanted to take a picture of the back seam, but I couldn't persuade my son to try them on and my daughter's leg is too slim for the stitch pattern to show. No amount of gymnastics could allow me to photograph the back of my own leg!
The pattern is written up and is with Robynn for editing and checking. I am now knitting to my own instructions, which is a good double-check that it all makes sense!
I have also got some fabulous magenta velvet ribbon to thread through the garter eyelets - woo hoo!
I am off to the isle of Skye for a short holiday this coming weekend, so weather permitting (i.e. cold, wet, windy) I will have a finished stocking in a week or so - woo hoo!